Independently operated since 2013, NEOMEDIAS is a premier consulting and design company conveniently located in Paris. Owned by Hubert PEDURAND the inventor of the GUTENBERG ONE Robot, NEOMEDIAS provides more with an on demand consulting & transition management services for printing companies (heatset, coldset, sheetfed, digital), books publishers, libraries and bookstores. Our philosophy: Tradition is not the enemy of progress, it is even the support of innovation.

Equipe projet:
Président: Hubert PEDURAND +33 6 23 77 29 61/
• Directeur Général : M. Etienne ROSENSTIEHL +33 6 80 67 32 75/
• Responsable marchés Afrique continentale : M. Balla Moussa KEITA +33 698 32 45 04/
• Responsable marchés France et DOM-TOM : Hubert PEDURAND +33 623 77 29 61//
• Responsable robotique : M. Philippe ROSER (RDPM) +33 6 85 06 79 26/
• Responsable concept store : Hubert de MALHERBE (Malherbe agency) +33 6 32 91 69 58/

What is GUTENBERG AND CO means?

1) A digital marketplace where people can customise and personalise their and third party content before consuming it in book print format.
2) An IOS and Androïd app to print personal content like emails, photos, social medias, etc..
3) Give our customers the capability to print published content, books, journals, magazines,
thesis and newspapers and to even mix them to create new books.

4) We can add targeted advertising into the books to increase revenue.
5) We can “print the web” (gather articles of interest on a subject(s)
6) We can create areas for consumption of the content.
7) We are building a speech to text function where we can print out
lectures, congresses, radio shows, podcasts etc in minutes with our robot in store.

8) We eliminate stock for libraries and booksellers around.

9) We eliminate transport (we are green!).
10) We've invented the radio & video broadcasting on paper!
We've named it Printcast, replay on paper!

ALL IN MINUTES with the patented Gutenberg One robot.

The problems we solve thanks to FEDER:

1- Less than 70% of carbon footprint
2- Unlimited catalog
3- Ease of use and low maintenance
4- New customer experience
5- Paper resilience VS eBooks
6- No more stock rotation at backlist catalog expenses
7- No more delays in reprint
8- No more increasing of the unsold copies and multiplication of stockouts
9- Much less logistic (only local paper reams stock + ink and glue to ship)
10- The right book at the right place in the right language at very low environmental costs